Is Pruvit an MLM scam?

I recently came across this post on MLM New Report discussing some of the alleged problems with Pruvit. A quick read of Pruvit’s website shows that it’s business model is that of a multi-level marketing company. Public news reports seem to show that much of Pruvit’s leadership has previously been involved with other MLMs that closed up shop. Then I find this document from the SEC, showing that Terry Lacore, the current principal of Lacore Nutraceuticals, was fined by the SEC to the tune of $50K. Lacore Nutraceuticals, according to Google, resides at 901 Sam Rayburn Highway, Melissa, TX . That address just so happens to be the address found on Pruvit packaging.

Some further googling revealed a lot of litigation involving Pruvit. You can read a good deal in the lawsuit between Pruvit and ForeverGreen, that does little to inspire confidence in the company.

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